Amazon Holiday Schedule 2022 – Peak Season Dates for Amazon Sellers

Dec 09, 2022

Amazon Holiday Schedule 2022

Aiming to make a big profit during peak seasons? Then you should have a consistent strategy ensuring inventory is available and replenished on time. Unfortunately, it is impossible to predict this precisely as it is influenced by many external circumstances — from changes in customer behavior to FBA storage restrictions and global changes in the supply chain.

To help you stay up-to-date and ship inventory to Amazon fulfillment centers in advance, we have created a comprehensive Amazon holiday schedule 2022. So stay tuned to plan your business processes correctly.


When is Amazon Peak Season 2022?

We are used to starting a new year in our life and taking a risky twist in our business on January 1. But when does Amazon peak season start? Does it collide with New Year’s Eve? Not really, – peak season starts on Thanksgiving, continues through Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday, and lasts until Christmas. To get the most out of the peak period and increase your revenue, prepare your inventory and shipping, as well as your PPC marketing strategy and budget, as early as possible.


Amazon Holiday Schedule 2022

What dates and products to take into account for Amazon peak season 2022? Let’s figure it out.


January: The Beginning of a New Life

Special dates: January 1 (New Year), January 17 (Martin Luther King Day)

While people are starting over a new life following their New Year resolutions, there is an excellent opportunity for health and sports brands to discount and attract new audiences.


February: Love Is in the Air

Special dates: February 13 (Super Bowl Day), February 14 (St. Valentine’s Day)

Lovers worldwide are looking for ways to please a significant other, so optimize your listings in advance and run PPC ads with relevant keywords. And if you sell sports goods, use the Super Bowl as a chance to boost your sales.


March: All for Women

Special dates: March 8 (International Women’s Day), March 17 (St. Patrick’s Day)

Perfumes, cosmetics, jewelry, sweets, and other goods for women are in particular demand. Also, prepare green decor, party gear, and hangover cures for St. Patrick’s Day.


April: Religious Vibe

Special dates: April 1 (April Fool’s Day), April 15 (Good Friday), April 17 (Easter Sunday)

If you specialize in Easter products and decorations, do not forget to prepare the inventory and promotional activities for this holiday in advance to make a good profit in April.


May: Solemn Moment

Special dates: May 8 (Mother’s Day), May 31 (Memorial Day)

Do you sell gifts and souvenirs? Prepare a good deal for Mother’s Day!

Memorial Day is another special occasion when anything related to the American flag is in demand.

The picnic season also begins, so plaids and special dishes will be helpful and desired.


June: Summer Starts Here

Special dates: June 14 (Flag Day), June 19 (Father’s Day)

If you still have American flags left from May, on June 14, you get a second chance to sell them.

When selling men’s products, prepare a good advertising campaign for Father’s Day — and your profit will increase significantly.


July: Patriotic BBQ

Special dates: July 4 (Independence Day), July 12-13 (Prime Day)

The demand for American flags and other symbols appropriate for Independence Day rises again. Make sure your listings and PPC ads are filled with patriotism. It is also the beginning of the barbecue season, hence all related products.


August: Back to School

Special dates: August 16 (the beginning of the school year in many state institutions)

Going back to school is not only a relief for most parents but also a traditional annual shopping. As a result, school backpacks, uniforms, and stationery are in high demand, so prepare ad campaigns in advance.


September: Sports Season Start

Special dates: September 9 (start of the NFL season)

All companies that sell sports goods and merch are preparing for the start of the NFL season. So make sure your inventory is ready for a significant sales boost.


October: Mysticism and Holidays

Special dates: October 31 (Halloween)

Spices, pumpkin carvers, Halloween costumes, and decorations fetch you a fortune if you sell these items. Research relevant keywords in advance and include them in your texts.


November: Sale Season

Special dates: November 24 (Thanksgiving Day), November 25 (Black Friday), and November 28 (Cyber ​​Monday)

The most long-awaited time for shopaholics from all over the world. Whatever goods you have, prepare your inventory and create an effective discount system. Do everything to make your profit pleasantly surprise you.


December: Christmas Shopping

Special dates: December 24 (Christmas Eve), December 25 (Christmas), and December 31 (New Year’s Eve)

The peak shopping season is when consumers buy gifts for friends and beloved ones, as well as Christmas lights for their homes. So, optimize and warm up your listings well to catch the eye of more prospects.


Final Word

Good planning is the key to successful sales. With our Amazon holiday schedule 2022, you can plan your business processes to deliver inventory to Amazon warehouses on time, prepare listings and launch advertising campaigns.

And if you need help promoting, contact us to increase your chances of succeeding and devise the FBA calendar for you with a very detailed roadmap.

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