How Can Amazon PPC Automation Help Your Business Grow?

Aug 08, 2022

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You choose to sell your goods on Amazon and set Fulfilled by Amazon as your shipping choice. It’s a wise decision that could ease your Amazon salesman journey. If you want to make it even easier, read how Amazon PPC automation software could help you in the advertisement process.  

Why do you need Amazon PPC Automation?

Internal Amazon ads drive traffic and customers to your goods way faster than usual advertising. But in order to minimize marketing expenses, you need to set the campaign properly. The easiest way for you is to find an Amazon PPC automation software.

It will save you time and money. You don’t need to monitor your campaigns minute by minute. The smart tool will find suitable keywords and bids, so you could be in line with the campaign goals. Learn more about PPC Amazon software with Sponsoreds.

Rule-based Automation vs Machine learning-driven Automation

After you decide to save your time and automate your campaigns, select the type of automation. There are only 2 types: rule-based and driven by AI (artificial intelligence).

In the first case, all processes are subject to a few hundred rules. If the system sees something unusual, it still responds only in accordance with the rules, even if this leads to losses. You need to change settings manually.

In the second case, there are still rules, but if the system sees unusual activity, it slightly changes the advertising tactics. If these actions lead to profit, the system will act this way in similar situations. But if these actions lead to losses, the system will change the tactics again. This process is called a machine-learning.  

Challenges of advertising on Amazon 

Considering the competition between sellers, advertising on Amazon is a challenging task. That’s why you need to be prepared for ups and downs. It’s vital knowledge that could help your business survive in any environment. Here are the three most common challenges in business optimization on Amazon PPC:

  1. Optimization tactics. Change your campaign from time to time. It helps you to improve performance. The easiest way to do this is by using automation software.
  2. Navigating through advertising options. There are three main options to promote your goods on amazon: Sponsored Products, Brands, and Display
  3. Lack of Expert management support. Amazon has a lot of ad options, but it’s constantly lacking experts. It’s preferable to choose a third-party automation tool with experts that are available 24/7/365.

Amazon PPC Automation: best practices

If you want to properly set your Automation strategy, you should learn from the best practices. It gives you a better understanding of what tactics are already working great. Stick to this instruction before setting an advert campaign on Amazon:

  1. Prepare your listing. Create powerful visuals with A+ content (video, photo, instructions). Set SEO-optimized title and description that sells your goods. Get first reviews and a good listing score. 
  2. Select the type of advertisement that works best for your product. You have 3 main types: Sponsored Products, Brands, and Display. Sponsored products would be the safest and most popular option, with the highest ROI among all. 
  3. Choose a type of targeting. There are six types of targetings on Amazon: Manual, Auto, Keyword, Product, By ASIN, and By category.
  4. Create a fine structure. It’s a hard task, but it is vital. Our Zero to Hero tool can ease this task for you.
  5. Choose an optimal budget and bidding strategy. There are four main Amazon bidding strategies: Simple, Revenue Growth, Maximum Traffic, and Profitable PPC.
  6. Set up, automate and optimize your campaign. Amazon’s environment is constantly changing, and you should be on the lookout. 

If you want to read more about best practices on Amazon, read our Ultimate PPC Checklist. It could help you to create your own unique marketing strategy.

Using the power of AI to accelerate your business growth

We at Sponsoreds know the struggles of Amazon sellers. That’s why we want to create user-friendly services that help you in starting, analyzing, automating, and growing your business Amazon PPC campaigns. We put our 6+ years of expertise in Amazon into unique technology that drives a decent result with the minimum effort. 

Zero to Hero 

It’s a tool that helps you set and optimize Amazon campaigns. Select the product and put 3 seed words that help our tool to better understand it.

If you sell cute cat bowls with various designs, your seed keywords can be “bowls for cats”, “cute animal bowls”, and “plastic cat bowls”. Choose the dates and preferable budget for the campaign. After this, our tool finds suitable keywords, selects optimal timing, and sets a daily budget for you.

For more advanced users, Sponsored Amazon software has more settings. You can set your own bid strategy or adjust machine-generated bids. Also, you can set your own keywords and negative keywords. It helps Amazon to even better understand your product.


This tool helps you in adjusting and optimizing Amazon campaigns.  This software is based on complex AI algorithms that work 24/7 and make adjustments to your campaign to improve its performance.

Select the product that you want to promote, and choose which goal you want to meet with it. There are 5 already available options:

  1. ACoS Targeting; 
  2. Product Launch;
  3. Organic Saler Grow;
  4. Revenue Growth;
  5. Profitable PPC.

After you choose the tactics, click on the “Start Optimization” and you’re done. Our tool will make changes to the campaign, to make you closer to your desired goal.


It’s hard to constantly stay on track and monitor dozens of spreadsheets, and synchronize gigabytes of information from thousands of columns. Amazon sellers know how tiring that thing is. That’s why you need a fine analytics tool that will do that work for you. It’s vital to have a tool that could draw insights and predictions.

So we’ve created an Amazon PPC Analytics that is intuitive and customizable. It has both advertising and business metrics. It could help you to see a more clear picture of your business and marketing performance.

We also gather more data for you. While Amazon only provides a three months data window, we’re storing the data in your account for as long as you have the Analytics tool. It helps you to build a more realistic picture of your seller’s journey.

Case study: how to become successful as a beauty seller on Amazon 

The beauty market is one of the most impactful forces in modern retail. The sales level of the beauty market is second only to groceries, with the former accumulating over 500 billion dollars annually. 

Those businesses have additional challenges that make their working process even harder. In order to achieve success in the beauty market on Amazon, be ready to face the next challenges:

  1. Getting on counterfeit. Make sure that your supplier sends to you only genuine goods.
  2. Find reliable suppliers that will send you goods right on time. 
  3. Choose categories wisely. Amazon gates many subcategories of the beauty market. It would be better to spend 1-2 hours extra time, but set categories right. 
  4. Handling the sales. Be prepared to work with objections.
  5. Advertising beauty products. Many shoppers are loyal to specific brands and may be unwilling to try something new. Raise brand awareness right from the beginning.

One of our customers selling beauty products started using our Zero to Hero tool on May 12, 2022, and the Automation tool on May 15, 2022. The results are mind-blowing.

Total sales have quadrupled since the middle of the month, with the ad sales showing an eightfold increase!

You can read more about this amazing journey in our new case study.

Final thoughts: Benefits of Amazon PPC automation

Correctly established campaigns are one of the vital things to get brand awareness and increase your sales. Using AI-based automation tools will save you time and money on the PPC team. These tools will find insights into the incoherent data and help you to create a unique and well-functioning ad strategy.

That’s why we at Sponsoreds create 3 AI tools that could help you generate more revenue, raise brand awareness and get more organic traffic. They are working with new and already established Amazon businesses as well. Try them, and see how they change your campaigns from the very first day!

Already have campaigns running? Check their performance and find new growth opportunities with our Amazon PPC Audit tool!

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