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Aug 18, 2022

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Amazon is the most popular marketplace all around the globe. It’s so popular that a part of American and EU consumers refuses to buy online if the seller isn’t present on this platform, finding Amazon the most convenient way to make their purchases.

But this level of popularity goes hand in hand with the high competition among the sellers in every niche. That’s why even the big sellers should use Amazon Ads tools. It helps to build a strong and ever-growing brand.

What is Amazon advertising? 

It is a marketing service that helps sellers to promote their goods. It has similarities with Google’s PPC: the shop owner pays when the potential client clicks on the ad. If you ever set up a Google PPC campaign, you’ll quickly understand the peculiarities of Amazon Advertising.

There are two main Amazon specifics: different types of ads and its keyword matching system. You have three main types of ads: Sponsored Products, Brands, and Displays. Also, you have three types of keyword matches: exact, phrase, and broad. Read about them in our big Amazon PPC guide.

How can Amazon PPC help you grow your business? 

Even the biggest shops use Amazon Advertising tools to raise their sales. This type of advertisement helps any seller to bring attention to their goods. You could set focus on your best-sellers to raise even more revenue or you could promote new products. The choice is up to you.

In any case, it will increase hot traffic to your goods. Your ad will display for people that are interested in this type of product. If you set a product page correctly (A+ content, SEO-optimized description, and many reviews), it helps you achieve marvelous results. Use Amazon PPC tools wisely and you could become one of the TOP sellers in your niche.

Top-7 Amazon PPC Tools 

As you see, Amazon Ads is an effective way to promote your goods in every niche. Various tools could help you in your business journey. We gather the 7 best Amazon PPC software in one place, so you could save your time and find a suitable platform in less than 30 minutes.



  1. The tool creates campaigns from scratch.
  2. AI keyword finds the most suitable keywords and removes unnecessary ones from the campaign.
  3. Quick setup — in less than a few minutes.
  4. Has the ability to convert clients of rivals to yours with specific PPC settings
  5. Flexible AI-based bidding and keyword research
  6. A 14-day trial.


  • You can’t fully customize the campaign.
  • This tool is kind of new, so not all Amazon sellers have heard about it yet.

It’s a new, but already popular tool, that could help you in any part of your sellers’ journey. Zero to Hero could set up campaigns in a few clicks. All you need is to choose goods that you want to promote and describe them with 3 “seed” keywords. AI-based ZTH filters tens of thousands of potential keywords and phrases to find them suitable for your case.

Do you want to appear on the page of your competitors? “Competitors Attack” strategy has got you covered. The tool could set it that way, so your goods will appear on similar product pages of your rivals, and you have a chance to convert their clients to yours.

Defense ASINs” campaign helps you to protect from the “attack” of the rivals. The tool uses a unique campaign structure technology that covers all the aspects needed for successful advertising.  It utilizes 12+ innovative approaches to secure your ad sales.

Want more? Check out the “Automation” tool. It will help you optimize existing campaigns and find new opportunities for growth. Before making any changes, this instrument considers 15+ factors that may lead to different results and notifies you about them. 

 Sponsoreds works 24/7/365, and instantly reacts to all changes to help your business become more and more profitable. It changes keys, optimizes your bids, and runs ads during the time of the day/night when they are most effective.



  1. Works with various marketplaces.
  2. Access to the Amazon DSP.
  3. Customizable reports.


  • Expensive — costs start from $250/month.
  • Don’t have a trial version.

It’s a platform that works not with Amazon, but with a bunch of different marketplaces as well. It has its own Amazon, Instacart, Walmart, and even Target tools. Moreover, it has access to Amazon DSP (Demand Side Platform). In this type of advertisement, you have three ad types: audio, video, display.

Perpetua has always-on bid optimization, so you don’t even need to constantly check the bidding settings. Use the “Share of Voice” tool for more optimization: it analyzes the user activity and finds the proper timing to promote different keyword clusters.

Helium 10


  1. Tens of marketing and selling benchmarks.
  2. Ability to create a landing page right in tool.
  3. Intelligent keyword and product research tools.


  • Don’t have a trial version.
  • There are some settings that you can’t customize.

It can set and automize PPC campaigns. Helium10 has cool AI features like precise keyword bidding. It could save you a few hours of your work as a keyword researcher.

Don’t want to create a campaign from scratch? Use one of the templates and customize it for you. It has advanced keyword tools:

  1. Cerebro — uncovers rivals’ keyword strategy.
  2. Magnet — type one word and get dozens of linked keywords
  3. Misspellinator — this instrument collects the most popular misspellings and adds the misspelled words to the cluster.

It also has listing optimization, automation, and analytics tools that help you organize every campaign of yours. The “Portal” helps you to create landing pages, and “Adtomic” gives you search term analytics, predictive bid suggestions, etc.



  1. Dozens of metrics.
  2. Free for small businesses (less than $10K sales).
  3. 30-day trial version.


  • You need to pay 3% of ad spend if you have more than $10K monthly sales.
  • Slow customer support.
  • You need to watch for results daily because sometimes tools can lower your sales.

As you could guess from its name, Teikametrics promises to maximize your marketplace potential by presenting metrics and reports to them. You could track almost any metric that you have.

Flywheel 2.0”  helps you automate campaigns, keyword research, and bidding processes. It also could scale multi-channel performance. If you have shops on multiple platforms like Amazon, Target and Walmart, this instrument helps you automate the advertising process in all of them.

Flywheel AI sets suitable ACoS basics on your last sales and marketing performance. It could help you to keep your marketing budget at a sustainable level.



  1. Target-based AI automation of keys and bids.
  2. Bunch of trackers and benchmarks.
  3. Has trial and freemium version.


  • The dashboard could be too extra for the novice. You will need time to set it for you.
  • A lot of features need intervention.

The AI-based tool that automates your advertising. It finds and highlights the key points that made the best impact. Use “Keyword Ranking Tracker” to find the best-performing keywords, so you could add them to other campaigns.

Amazon Profit Dashboard” shows you which goods get the most profit, so you could boost your sales with minimum extra marketing expenses. It also helps you to find “profit killers” — products that cost you more than you earn from them.

Best Amazon PPC tools: comparison

Now, when you get to know the best 7 PPC automation tools, it’s time to choose the most suitable option for you. That’s why we gather all of the platforms in the comparison table, so it will be easier for you to choose that ONE.

NameFeaturesBenefitsMinimal Price
Sponsoreds– 1-Click campaign setup
– AI-based optimization.
– Automatic keyword harvesting.
– Dayparting —  runs ads only during the time of the day when they are at their most productive. 
– Automatically finds keywords that don’t suit your business and sends them to negative.
– In-depth Analytics tool with both ad and business metrics
Creates PPC in minutes. Calibrated algorithms help to optimize and automate ad management and increase sales. User-friendly interface.4914 days. No contract or credit card is required. Has free audit tool.
Perpetua– AI Bid optimization.
– Share of Voice — same as – Dayparting.
Includes the video and audio ads. Perpetua finds the suitable timing for promotion. 250No, but you can book a Demo.
Helium10– AI Research.
– Market tracker — dozens of benchmarks
– Includes additional extension tools for sellers
With this tool, you can find trends, and calculate approximate product profitability, find misspelled keys. 39No, but provides a 7-day money-back guarantee.
Teikametrics– Auto Campaign Creation.
– ML Bids — artificial intelligence will identify best performing bids ads and adjust them
You will get an in-depth analysis of KPI and profitability metrics and get more aware of seasonal trends to set proper timing for your ads.
Free for businesses under $10K in monthly sales. If you earn more than $10K, the service asks you to pay 3% of your monthly ad spend.Yes, a 30-days trial
SellerApp– Target-Based Automation – AI will adjust keywords and bids for you.
– Negative Keyword – find those words that don’t suit your goods and remove them from the campaign
You could find a profit killer — products that don’t bring you any money. A bunch of quick filters and charts to help you track KPI, sales, and ranking on the platform.397-days trial


These 7 Amazon PPC tools could help you save time and even money. They could find suitable keywords and plan bid strategies, so you could get marvelous results with minimal investments. It’s better to find an instrument with a trial version, so you could test it before you pay for it.

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